Good evening everyone. This is my first post.
I started treating a patient who came in about a month and a half ago. Patient is a Male aged 30 yrs and suffering from Hypermetropia or Farsightedness and having Spectacles since Std 7th of his schooling.
Patient depicted symptoms such as heavy head, migraine , difficulty reading or focusing when using Laptop or mobile phone. Patient spends more than 10 hours a day sitting on desk. After diagnosing the patient and having a lengthy discussion on the symptoms he was facing, I started him on Classic Homeopathic Medicine along with drops for the eyes.
Patient has shown considerable improvement and is due for a visit to the Local Ophthalmologist to check the power reduction in the Spectacles. He is currently wearing specs which are having power of -3 both the sides with slight cylindrical values.
With Homeopathy we can treat wide variety of Symptoms and Diseases which are un-treatable in Allopathy and require Surgical Procedure to treat. We urge you to come and visit our Clinic and get permanent solution to your problems. Homeopathy is not just for Chronic Cases but also helpful in Acute cases like Fever, Diarrhoea , Rhinitis , Stomach Pain or Infection etc.